Crystal Wallpaper 2.4

Source:VIBE Inc.

Crystal will move by tilting the screen.

Live wallpaper featuring glittery crystal!
You can tilt and move with the tip of your finger.
Let's decorate your smartphone screen with lovely glittery crystal!

*Custom options are:
+Number of crystal can be chosen from 1 to 50.
+Crystal can be chosen from 7 colors (14 colors for full version).
+Crystal can be moved by tilting the screen.
+To reduce power consumption, please turn off the accelerometer configuration.
(Crystal will move with the tip of your finger)
+Sparkling effect on the touched area.
+Background image can be chosen from 5 patterns (9 patterns for full version).

*Crystal colors
(Round shaped crystal only for free version.)
+Clear, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow

*Background patterns
+Black, Blue, Pink, Mermaid, Pink Marine

# The following additional options are for full version.

*4 types of additional background pattern.
+Green, Purple, Rose, Violet

*Allows you to set the background image of your choice.
+How to set:
1. Choose an image from "Gallery" etc.
2. Choose "Crystal Wallpaper" from "Share" menu.
3. After the setup screen shows up, chose "on" for "Use Shared Image" to complete.

*7 colors for heart typed crystals are added.
+Clear, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow

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